Family Forestry from Roots to Roofs

Son Ranch is a small-scale family run forestry operation that focuses on selection logging, custom milling, kiln drying, shaping, moulding and timber framing.

Come visit and stay in one of the beautiful cottages and learn about life within a working forest.

Watch an antique circular saw-mill turn logs into timbers and lumber.

Learn how each tree is selected, graded, milled, dried, shaped, moulded and joined into flooring, wainscoating, siding, trim and traditional timber frames.

And don’t forget to take a tour through the wildflower gardens and old homestead timber frame barn where you can view the Chain-saw Museum that chronicles the history of forestry in the Boundary/Kootenay region of British Columbia.

Ross, Janice, Shilo and Jade Freer welcome you to the Boundary/Kootenay region of beautiful British Columbia!

Happy 2013! You can now visit us on Facebook

2 thoughts on “Family Forestry from Roots to Roofs

  1. checking to see if you make 6 X 6 cedar by about 8-12 feet long, I am building steps and a retaining wall at Christina Lake

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